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Sterling 9mm Sub Machine Gun



Sterling Sub Machine Gun 9mm L2A3 Inert Replica Plans

A full scale 1:1 replica of the MK4 Sterling 9mm Sub Machine Gun (Sterling SMG) - full scale plans and receiver template download

Sterling SMG plans Sterling SMG Plans Sterling SMG parts diagramSterling SMG receiver Template

The plan set includes a free copy of the 24 page User Manual for the Sterling SMG Mk4 L2A3 printed by the Sterling Armaments Company in PDF format and all relevant build photographs to produce a 1:1 full scale replica of the Sterling SMG.

The plans set uses the original Receiver Template for the Sterling SMG which is included in the plan set.

All plans are full size and consist of 12 Pages of A2, A3 and A4 sized plans to make a 1:1 Scale replica of the 9mm Sterling SMG - Dimensioning direct from Adobe Reader Software has been enables in all plans.

9mm SMG Replica Plans Sterling SMG plans SMG Airsoft Version Sterling SMG Mk4


The Inert Replica can have an AEG Gearbox and barrel fitted to make a Sterling SMG Electric Airsoft Gun.



Sterling SMG ReplicaSterling SMG 9mm Replica Sterling SMG Replica BlueprintsSMG Receiver Template




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