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Live Steam Traction Engine Model Plans

How to Build a Working-Model Steam Tractor

Built to a 3/4-in. scale, this model steam tractor is small enough to be easy to handle but not so small as to present unusual problems of construction. In most respects,
the model is based upon the full-size tractors formerly built by the J. I. Case Co., but it is not an exact scale replica.

Some of the parts have been arranged to improve the ease of construction of the model or to insure its dependable operation. Boiler construction and testing will be covered in detail in the instructions, but a word about materials and methods is in order at the beginning. Since the boiler is intended to deliver steam at a fairly high pressure, it will be built entirely of copper.
All joints in the boiler itself and the valves, line, and connections to the cylinder
will be silver soldered. Soft solder does not have sufficient strength for these joints.
Prospective builders should not use soft solder at any point where silver solder is called for, and no other metal should be substituted where copper is called for.


Replica Live Steam Traction Engine Plans and Instructions

These plans are for a 3/4" semi scale Live Steam Traction Engine - the instructions are complete and will guide you through the construction and detailed finishing of this model. The plan drawings are fully numbered and each part is numbered and cross referenced on an exploded diagram (Pull Apart Assembly View) and a separate side view drawing. This enables even a novice Steam Engine enthusiast to make a fully working live steam Traction Engine similar to the Case Traction Engines from the USA.

Case traction Steam Engine Plans Case traction engine plans Case Traction Engine Plans Steam traction Engine Plans

The Instructions are 19 A4 pages of text (not a poor quality hard to read scanned document) with full drawing index for cross reference to the plans

Logical build order with step by step instructions

The detailed Plans are 18 A3 pages with numbered full view and exploded parts view for reference with all parts shown and dimensions

Free Plans for the Steam Traction Engine are available for download at on the Steam Engine Plans Page