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M134 Minigun Inert Replica Plans

Make your own Movie Prop Minigun with this easy to follow plan set.

A great and much requested project with easy to follow template plans to make an Inert Replica M134 Minigun.

M134 Minigun Replica Plans M134 Minigun Plans Minigun Blueprints

The plans are full sized templates and construction of the replica uses commonly available materials that can be purchased from most hardware stores.

Advice on painting and finishing the Replica is included in the plan set.

Dillon Minigun plans M134 Minigun Plan Set in dxf and pdf M134 Minigun Templates

The Plans are for an inert Replica that is not capable of firing projectiles, and can not chamber any live or blank rounds.

The replica can be fitted with motors to spin the barrel and it is possible to convert the replica to fire Airsoft BB Pellets.

The normal home workshop tools and equipment are required to construct this replica including a drill press, router and Band Saw or Jig Saw. The plan set includes AutoCAD files for those builders who wish to use CNC machines or laser Cutter to make the parts for the replica Minigun.

Dillon Minigun Plans M134 Minigun with Mount

Plan Set Contents:

Adobe PDF Format Plan Set consisting of Large Format Sheets which contain full sized construction templates. A0 x 1 sheet, A1 x 1 sheet and 10 A2 sized sheets.

Plan set Tiled on A4 Paper for home printing is also included.

A 33 page build photograph and instruction manual is included with the plan set to guide you through the construction of the replica.

The plan set is repeated AutoCAD dxf and dwg format - 12 files.

Machining and Parts files are included for Band saw or Jigsaw cutting and also CNC or Laser Cutting parts, this includes 5 sheets 350x500 sheet size in pdf, dxf and dwg formats and Band Saw Files (cut between lines) 5 sheets in pdf and dxf format.

Files are sent by email attachment once payment has cleared.



$9.99 US - M134 Minigun Inert Replica Plans in AutoCAD DXF and Adobe PDF Format Sent By Email

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