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Lewis .30 Cal Automatic Machine Gun

The Lewis Automatic Machine Gun is an American designed light machine gun (designed by US Army Colonel Isaac Newton Lewis in 1911) that was used in service from 1914 until 1953.

The Lewis gun design was perfected by the British and used widely throughout the British Empire, first seeing combat in World War 1 and eventually taken out of service after the end of the Korean War.

The Lewis Gun is easily recognized by it's top mounted Drum Magazine, holding 47 or 97 rounds. In its Infantry role, the Lewis Gun was fitted with its characteristic large diameter barrel cooling shroud. In the aircraft mounted versions, the cooling shroud was removed.

The Lewis gun was a reliable and surprisingly enduring design and was copied by the Japanese Imperial Army and used in WW2 on the Axis side.

The gun's cyclic rate of fire was 500–600 rounds per minute. Weighing in at 28 lb (12.7 kg), it was only half the weight of Vickers and other machine gun of the time. This was particularly important when used on the aircraft in the WW1 era.

In June 1912, the Lewis Gun was first machine-gun to be fired from an aeroplane (a Wright Model B Flyer).

The Lewis Gun was extensively used on British and French aircraft during World War I as an aircraft machine-gun was partly due to its low weight, it was air-cooled and used self-contained 97 round drum magazines.

In the Fall of France, a large part of the British Army's equipment was lost and mothballed stocks of Lewis guns in both .303 and .30-06 were re-introduced into service by the British. In addition to their reserve weapon role in the UK, they also saw front-line use with Commonwealth forces in the early years of the Pacific campaign against the Japanese. The Lewis gun also used as an anti-aircraft weapon during World War II; in this role it was credited by the British for bringing down more low-flying enemy aircraft than any other AA weapon.


Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Inert Replica Plans

Make your own 1:1 scale Inert Replica Lewis gun.

Lewis Gun Plans Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Replica Blueprints Lewis Gun Plans

A great project with easy to follow template plans to make a Lewis .30 Cal Machine Gun.

Plans to build a 1:1 scale replica of the Lewis .30 Caliber machine gun and tripod mount.

The plans set includes 16 pages of full sized plans in pdf format on A1 (4 sheets), A2 (4 sheets), A3 (6 sheets) and two large format full sized reference photographs.

All parts drawings are full sized sized templates. As the plans are full size, measurements can be taken direct from the drawings - no scaling required - with the measure tool which has been included in the Adobe software.

All Parts Drawings and Assembly Drawings are also included in AutoCAD DXF format.

Lewis Gun Blueprints Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Replica Plans Lewis Gun Plans Download

The Plan Set includes full sized templates in Vector Graphics format (compatible with popular CNC and CAM Software) to avoid marking out errors and make for a simple straight forward build.

Basic metal working and home workshop equipment is required to complete this project and there is some welding to be done on the receiver, Barrel Shroud and Bipod Legs if you chose to make the replica from Steel..

Lewis 303 Machine Gun Download Plans Lewis Gun Plans Download Lewis Gun Blueprints download


A 94 page photograph album of build pictures is also included in the plan set.

The plans set also includes two large format reference photographs.

14 no. AutoCAD Parts files in DXF format are included in the plan set for reference and ease of machining parts

Printing guide and Unit Conversion guide is also included in the plan set.

Lewis Gun Dimensions Lewis Machine Gun ww1 Plans

The Plan Set for the Lewis 30 Cal Machine gun also includes detailed plans for the Bipod as shown in the photographs.

The Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Plans Set also includes details to built both Aircraft mounted and Army LMG versions of the Lewis Machine Gun.


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Reference Manuals and booklets for the Lewis Gun - Free to download from

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