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Knuckle Boom Crane 1/16th Model Plans

Hiab Crane Plans - Palfinger Crane Plans

Hiab Plans Knuckle Boom Hiab Plan Set Palfinger Crane Plans

Plans and Templates to make a 1/16th Scale Model Knuckle Boom Crane.

The model is fully jointed and can be converted to fit a miniature hydraulic system to make a fullt functioning model crane.

Outriggers and Telescopic Boom plans are also included along with replica movable inert Hydraulic Rams details.

The Truck is not included in the plan set.


Truck Crane model Plans Hiab Boom Model Model Knuckle Boom Crane Plans

Boom Crane Plans Hydraulic Knuckle boom Crane Plans



The Plan Set consists of:

9 no. Full Size Adobe PDF Templates for printing on A3 sized paper.

9 no. AutoCAD Parts files in DXF format are included in the plan set for ease of machining parts and those builders who wish to convert to 3D parts.

1 no. Tiled Plan Set for printing on A4 sized paper.

1 no. Tiled Plan Set for printing on US Letter sized paper.

3 no. Logo Files for detailing the model.

A 55 page photograph album of build pictures is also included in the plan set.

Printing guide and Unit Conversion guide is also included in the plan set.



$9.99 - Knuckle Boom Crane Plans 1/16th Scale in PDF and AutoCAD format sent by email.



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