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Ingram Model 10 Sub Machine Gun - Ingram MAC 10

Designed by Gordon B Ingram in 1964, The Military Arms Corporation (MAC) of Powder Springs, GA, USA produced the first two versions in 1970, The Model 10 chambered for 9x19mm or for .45ACP and the Model 11 chambered for 9x17 (9mm Short) or in .380 ACP

The MAC closed its doors in 1976, and manufacturing rights for the Ingram M10 and M11 submachine guns were transferred to RPB Industries Inc, located in Atlanta, CA. and other sub-machine guns based on Ingram design have been manufactured by several other companies such as SWD Inc, Cobray, and others. Copies of M10 have also been manufactured in Taiwan and Japan.

The Ingram "MAC 10" is a blowback-operated, selective-fire submachine gun that fires from an open bolt.
The Cocking handle is located at the top of the gun receiver and can be used to lock the bolt in forward position by turning the cocking handle by 90 degrees. It does not move with the bolt when firing.

The folding shoulder stock telescopes from the receiver and is made from made of steel. For additional stability a strap can be attached to the front of the receiver. The Sights consist of non-adjustable diopter type rear and protected front blade.


Ingram MAC 10 Inert Replica

An excellent project with easy to follow template plans to make an inert Ingram MAC 10 Sub Machine Gun

Ingram MAC10 9mm Ingram Model 10 Sub Machine Gun MAC 10 Machine Pistol


Plans to build a 1:1 scale replica of the Ingram Model 10 Sub Machine Gun commonly known as the Ingram MAC 10 Machine Pistol

The plans set includes 9 pages of full sized plans in pdf format on A2 (1 sheet), A3 (8 sheets).

Military Armaments Corporation Model 10 MAC 10 9mm Machine Gun Ingram MAC 10

All parts drawings are full sized sized templates. As the plans are full size, measurements can be taken direct from the drawings - no scaling required - with the measure tool which has been included in the Adobe software.

All Parts Drawings are also included in AutoCAD DXF format.

The Plan Set includes full sized templates in Vector Graphics format (compatible with popular CNC and CAM Software) to avoid marking out errors and make for a simple straight forward build.

Basic metal working and home workshop equipment is required to complete this project and there is some welding to be done on the folding Stock if you chose to make the replica from Steel..

Ingram Sub Machine Gun Model 10 Ingram MAC 10 Full Auto


A 36 page photograph album of build pictures is also included in the plan set.

The plans set also includes a large format reference photograph.

9 no. AutoCAD Parts files in DXF format are included in the plan set for reference and ease of machining parts

Printing guide and Unit Conversion guide is also included in the plan set.




$9.99 Ingram MAC 10 Inert Replica Plans in PDF and AutoCAD format sent by Email

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MAC10 Manual Ingram MAC 10 Manual - Free Download


Ingram MAC11 Ingram MAC 11 Manual - Free Download



MAC 10 Lower Receiver Blueprint MAC 10 Lower Receiver Blueprint - Free Download


MAC 10 Upper Receiver Blueprint MAC 10 Upper Receiver Blueprint - Free Download