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Hotchkiss M1914 Machine Gun - La mitrailleuse Modèle 1914

The Hotchkiss M1914 medium machine gun evolved from the Hotchkiss M1900 machine gun and was the most successful weapon of the whole line.

It was used in combat on the fields of the WW1 with French army and American Expeditionary corps in Europe, and served with French troops until World War 2.

Many captured Hotchkiss guns were used by German forces after the invasion of France.

The Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun was a reliable and robust weapon and was superior to other designs of the period.

The Hotchkiss was gas actuated and air cooled which differed from the Maxim guns which were recoil operated and water cooled.

The barrel featured five large annular ribs which materially assisted its natural air cooling and delayed overheating.

The Hotchkiss M1914 also fired from an open bolt, a common feature in all machine guns today, but a first when designed in 1897.

Ammunition was loaded by an individual ammunition strip magazine which held only 24 rounds of ammunition.

The gun could sustain indefinite continuous firing of about 120 aimed shots per minute except for occasional barrel changes approximately every 1,000 rounds.

The barrel would reach a temperature of approximately 400 °C, and would glow dark red in color. At this temperature, the barrel dissipated heat as fast as it was generated.


Hotchkiss M1914 Machine Gun Inert Replica Plans

Make your own 1:1 scale Replica Hotchkiss M1914 8mm machine gun - La mitrailleuse Modèle 1914

Hotckiss M1914 Replica Hotchkiss Machine Gun plans M1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun

A great project with easy to follow template plans to make a Hotchkiss M1914 Machine Gun.

Plans to build a 1:1 scale replica of the Mle 1914 Hotchkiss machine gun and tripod mount.

The plans set includes 13 pages of full sized plans in pdf format on A0 (1 sheets), A2 (7 sheets), A3 (5 sheets) and a large format full sized reference photograph.

All parts drawings are full sized sized templates. As the plans are full size, measurements can be taken direct from the drawings - no scaling required - with the measure tool which has been included in the Adobe software.

All Parts Drawings and Assembly Drawings are also included in AutoCAD DXF format.

Replica Plans Hotchkiss M1914 Hotchkiss M1914 Replica Plan Set M1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun

The Plan Set includes full sized templates in Vector Graphics format (compatible with popular CNC and CAM Software) to avoid marking out errors and make for a simple straight forward build.

Basic metal working and home workshop equipment is required to complete this project and there is some welding to be done on the receiver, Barrel Shroud and Bipod Legs if you chose to make the replica from Steel..

M1914 Hotckiss 8mm Machine Gun Hotchkiss M1914 M1914 Hotchkiss

The Inert Replica Hotchkiss M1914 pictured above was used in episode 5 of the Mill Creek Entertainment 2013 production of "Guns-The Evolution Of Firearms" by Kevin R. Hershberger which is a seven part TV documentary spanning 400 years. Episode 5 covers the weapons used in WW1.

A 103 page photograph album of build pictures is also included in the plan set.

The plan set includes 9 no. 300x500mm full sized parts cutting templates in Adobe PDF format for machine CNC or Band saw cutting of every piece for the replica.

14 no. AutoCAD Parts files in DXF format are included in the plan set for reference and ease of machining parts

The plans set also includes a large format reference photograph.

Printing guide and Unit Conversion guide is also included in the plan set.


The Plan Set for the Hotchkiss M1914 gun also includes plans for the Tripod pintle and base as shown in the photographs.



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Reference Manuals and booklets for the Hotchkiss M1914 Machine Gun- Free to download from


Hotchkiss M1914 Manual - (Polish Language)


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