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The Firearms Manuals Download Page is a free to download resource of reference files for selected weapons - if you have a particular request, please contact me.

I have tried to include a selection of Firearms manuals that are not generally available, and if you have any Manuals you would like to share please contact me.

All downloads are free of charge and are listed in Alphabetical Order - Please Click on the links to download the files.

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(1942) Boys AT Rifle Training Manual.pdf
1910 Russian Maxim.pdf
1911 Pistol Manual.pdf
1938 German Madsen Manual.pdf
30 Cal US Enfield 1917.pdf
8 inc Howitzer manual.pdf

AK-47 - Operator's Manual.pdf
Ameli handbook.pdf
Annex to tests Stoner 63.pdf
Anschutz 54.pdf

Bayard Pistole Modell 1908

Bang rifle manual.pdf
Bren Light Machine Gun - Description Use and Mechanism.pdf
Bren Small Arms Training.pdf
Browning .30 M1918A2 WE (TM 9-1005-208-12).pdf
Browning .50 Machine Gun Operators Manual (TM 9-1005-213-10).pdf

Browning50 Cal HB M2-FM23-65

Browning .50 M2 Aircaft TM 9-225
Browning 1917 shop manual.pdf
Browning 1917 Manual.pdf
Browning 1919A1 Manual.pdf

Beardmore-Farquhar Machine Guns Models Of 1924 - William Beardmore & Company (London Office & Parkhead Steelworks in Glasgow)

Benet-Mercie Automatic Machine Rifle 1909

Carl-Gustaf Submachine Gun.pdf
Chauchat drill-combat-mechanism manual.pdf
Chauchat mechanical notes.pdf
Chauchat provisional instruction.pdf

Description of the Madsen.pdf
DTM manual.pdf

Dreyse MG13 - Machine Gun - Manual del Fusil Ametrallador 13 Dreyse

Enfield P14-P17.pdf

FAMAS F1 manual English.pdf
FAMAS F1 manual French.pdf
FM23-15.PDF M1918A2 Browning BAR
FN-FAL Manual.pdf

G41(M) manual.pdf
Gattling Gun Caliber 45.pdf
German Gewehr 41.pdf
German Gewehr 44.pdf

H&R T223 manual.pdf

Hotchkiss Portable Machine gun- 1922 Manual.pdf

Hotchkiss - Handbook of the 303 Hotchkiss Machine gun Mark 1 - 1918 .pdf



Johnson handbook.pdf

KE7 French overview.pdf
KE7 manual German.pdf
KE7 Spanish overview.pdf
Krag manual.pdf

Lee Straight Pull Rifle Handbook.pdf
Luger 1900-06.pdf
Luger P08.pdf

M1,M1A1,M2 & M3 TM 9-1276Cal .30 Carbines .pdf
M1 Carbine.pdf
M1A1 Carbine Base Shop Data.pdf

M42 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Madsen 1904 1912 comparison.pdf
Madsen Argentine Model 26 Nomenclature.pdf
Madsen Machine Rifle Main Characteristics.pdf
Madsen Model 26.pdf
Madsen Nomenclature.pdf
Madsen M50manual.pdf
Madsen Saetter Manual.pdf
Mannlicher 1901.pdf - Check also the Mannlicher Carbine 1901 Diagram in the Blueprint Download Page
Mars Pistol Manual.pdf
Mauser 71.pdf
MG26(t) parts list.pdf
Mp 40.pdf
MSP 7.62 Pistol Manual.pdf

Nagant M1895 Revolver
NSV 12.7mm Machine Gun Manual.pdf

Oerlikon 20mm Anti Aircraft Gun Manual.pdf

Pedersen .276 (7mm) SLR Handbook.pdf
Polish Mosin Nagant M38 M44 manual.pdf
Polish PPSh41 PPS43 PPS43-52 manual.pdf
Polish TT33 Tokarev manual.pdf
PPSH TechnicalManual.pdf
Prototype FAL report.pdf

Ross Rifle 1907 Manual.pdf
RP46 7.62 LMG Manual.pdf
RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemet Degtyarova - Degtyarov Light MG) armorers manual.pdf
RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemet Degtyarova - Degtyarov Light MG) manual.pdf
RPG 7 Anti Tank Rocket Launcher Manual.pdf
Russian MG34 manual.pdf
Russian MG42 manual.pdf

Savage Lewis Machinegun.pdf
Sjogren Automatic Rifle 1908.pdf
Simonov SKS carbine (USSR - Russia)
Sterling Mk4 Smg.pdf
Stoner 63 LMG manual.pdf
Stoner 63 MMG manual.pdf

Stoner 63 rifle manual.pdf

Stoner 63 Engineering change report .pdf

Stoner brochure.pdf

Tiro para pistola.pdf

Ultimax 100 manual.pdf
US Arisaka manual.pdf

Vickers F Manual.pdf
Villarperosa Manual.pdf

Webley .455-inch Revolver Mark VI Manual.pdf
Winchester 224 rifle.pdf

ZB 26 LMG Manual.pdf
ZB30 Fusil Ametrallador LMG .pdf
ZB30 Manual.pdf
ZH29 SLR Manual.pdf