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Browning M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun

In 1918, General Pershing requested the development of a large caliber heavy machine gun while he was the commander of the US Expeditionary Corps in Europe. General Pershing stipulated that the gun be capable of destroying military aircraft and armoured cars.

John Browning (Colt) to develop the machine gun and Winchester Arms Co to develop the ammunition. In 1921 a working water cooled and belt fed prototype was tested. In 1923 Machine Gun, .50 Calibre, M1921 was adopted as the prime Anti Aircraft gun for the Army and Navy.

In 1930, Dr. Samuel G. Green made some key design changes which enabled conversion to an air cooled barrel and left or right hand ammunition feed. The air cooled

barrels where updated with a heavy barrel which then became know as the M2HB and in 1938 this heavy barrel was lengthened. The Browning M2HB in this new format

was produced throughout WW2 with nearly 2 million units manufactured.

The Browning M2HB has since become the primary heavy machine gun of NATO counties. The Browning M2 HB along with the M1911 .45 pistol have the longest serving small arms in the US Armed Forces.

Full 1:1 Scale Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun Inert Replica Plans

This is the most detailed and easy to follow plan set to build a replica M2 available on the web - video at bottom of this page.

Full Size A0 and A1 Sheets in PDF and AutoCAD format - able to print and use as templates to cut/machine parts - Only basic workshop tools required.

Replica M2 Plans Replica M2 Plans PartsDetailBrowningM2 Left Hand Reciever Plate

This plan is for a 1:1 replica of a Browning M2 50 Caliber Machine Gun - Build a near perfect copy of the M2 - (with no internal parts it is not able to fire) The finished size and weight of the Machine Gun can be made very close to the real live firing Browning M2 .50 caliber Machine gun.

The ideal plan for building a replica M2 for military vehicles, reenactments other applications where a real M2 is not acceptable.

All dimensions and materials are specified and easily fabricated by anyone with basic metal working skills - the Replica Browning M2HB does involve some welding and drilling. There is no need to scale unmarked dimensions, all drawings are full size and can be opened with any CNC software or AutoCad - Measure tool has be enabled in Adobe Reader Software.

The A1 and A0 PDF files are vector graphics not JPG so you can import the drawings into most CAD packages or CNC software without the need to convert from raster graphics.

An AutoCAD DXF. set of plans for the Browning M2HB Plans are also included in the plans set along with a short documnt on Airsoft Conversions and Gearbox used in the prototype Replica.

All plans are full size - this enables unmarked dimensions to be measured using the Measure Tool in Adobe Reader software or taken off the AutoCAD files


Browning M2 50 Cal MG Browning 50 Cal Machine Gun Browning Machine Gun Replica Plans browning m2 50 cal

The Browning M2 HB Full Size Plan Set consists of:

A0 Parts Drawings in Adobe PDF Format x 1 Sheet
A1 Parts Drawings in Adobe PDF Format x 5 Sheets
A3 Parts Drawings in Adobe PDF Format x 2 Sheets
AutoCAD DXF format Parts files x 18 Files
Parts Assembly View Document x 5 Pages
Parts Detail Sheet x 12 Sheets

M3 Tripod Plans x 16 Pages

Also Included is a Quick Build Stand Off Scale Browning M2 Plans Set consisting of:

A1 Parts Drawings in Adobe PDF Format x 4 Sheets
A4 Parts Drawings in Adobe PDF Format x 2 Sheets
Build Photo Album x 31 Pages

The Stand off Scale Replica is offered free only with the purchase of the Full 1:1 Scale Plan Set

browning 50 cal replicabrowning 50 cal bmg replicabrowning m2 50 cal machine gun browning 50 cal model

The plan set also includes a 16 page plan set to make a full sized M3 Tripod and mount for your Replica Browning M2HB .50 Cal Machine Gun

See the additional Plan Set for the M93 Soft Mount Cradle here: M93 Machine Gun Cradle Plans


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