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Browning M1918A2 BAR Browning Automatic Rifle

The Browning Automatic Rifle was a series of Automatic Rifles designed by the American firearms designer John Moses Browning part way into the First World War to replace the French-made Chauchat and M1909 Benet-Mercie machine guns.

Designed to be fired from the Hip or the Shoulder, the BAR gave mobile firepower to provide squad supporting fire. The weapons was lighter and more manoeuvrable than the machine guns of the day, however the BAR M1918 was way too heavy for a shoulder fired weapon and too light to be controllable in full automatic fire.

The M1918A2 was used primarily in a LMG role with a front mounted Bipod, hampered by its 20 round magazine capacity

Caliber: 7.62x63mm (.30-06 M2)
Weight: 8.8 kg empty
Length: 1214 mm
Length of barrel: 610 mm
Feeding: detachable box magazine, 20 rounds
Rate of fire: 450 or 650 rounds/min, selectable

The Buttstock was initially made from Black Walnut, however this was changed in 1942 to a black Bakelite, Resin and waste rag filler Plastic composite.

The Browning BAR, although technically a good design, the BAR was not too successful as an Automatic Rifle or as an LMG. Too heavy to be an effective Automatic Rifle and too uncontrollable in full automatic fire. As Light Machine Gun it lacked the sustained firepower capability of the pre-WW2 LMGs like British BREN and Soviet Degtyarov DP-27.

Browning M1918A2 BAR Browning Automatic Rifle Inert Replica Plans

A great project with easy to follow template plans to make a Browning BAR M1918A2 Automatic Rifle Inert Replica.

Browning BAR M1918 replica Browning BAR Replica Plans M1918A2 Replica

Plans to build a 1:1 scale replica of the Browning M1918 BAR

The plans set includes 8 pages of full sized plans in pdf format on A1 (1 sheet), A2 (3 sheets), A3 (4 sheets) and two large format full sized reference photographs (one tiled in A4 sized sheets to print on a home printer).

Browning BAR Replica Plans Browning M1918A2 Full Scale Plans Browning M1918 Replica Plans

All parts drawings are full sized sized templates. As the plans are full size, measurements can be taken direct from the drawings - no scaling required - with the measure tool which has been included in the Adobe software.

All Parts Drawings are also included in AutoCAD DXF format.

Browning BAR Plans Browning BAR Plans

The Plan Set includes full sized templates in Vector Graphics format (compatible with popular CNC and CAM Software) to avoid marking out errors and make for a simple straight forward build.

Basic metal working and home workshop equipment is required to complete this project and there is some welding to be done on the receiver, Barrel and Bipod Legs if you chose to make the replica from Steel..

Browning Replica Plans Browning BAR Replica


A 63 page photograph album of build pictures is also included in the plan set.

The plans set also includes a large format reference photograph.

7 no. AutoCAD Parts files in DXF format are included in the plan set for reference and ease of machining parts

Printing guide and Unit Conversion guide is also included in the plan set.

Browning M1918A2 replica blueprints Browning BAR Blueprints


The Plan Set for the Browning M1918 BAR Inert Replica also includes detailed plans for the Bipod as shown in the photographs.



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Browning M1918A2 BAR Field ManualsBrowning M1918A2 Workshop Manual - Free Download from

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